Cool compliments and testimonials on my work...

Proven Results
Not only does Janice provide great work in a timely fashion, but her commitment to providing well-written editorial content has been a large contribution to our website's success.  She is open to edits and strives to better her writing in each assignment she is given.
Cristina Costa, Account Manager, Peek

I enjoyed working with Janice to improve the search engine results for my business's site.  She really demonstrated knowledge about SEO and website copy, and I definitely would like to continue working with her in the future.
John Humphries, Owner, Lizard Head Cycling Guides

Strong Writing Skills
"Janice is a conscientious writer who understands the importance of details and imagery. I edit high volumes of content and always looked forward to reading her blogs each month."
Amanda Bray, Content Manager, TMI Direct

"Janice was a coaching student of mine, and from the first moment I read her copy, I knew she had 'it'. Her words flowed smoothly from idea to the next, and her amazing ability to paint a sharp, vivid picture and put the reader EXACTLY where they need to be to make a sale is unparalleled. I would highly recommend Janice for any copywriting and marketing project--she can really make things happen!"
Jay White,


Efficient Work Style
“Thanks so much, Janice for all your hard work. It’s so refreshing to work with a writer who provides such fast edits. I’d like to try you on another project soon.”
Jackie Gray, Marketing Director, Great Escape Publishing


Great Content Creation
"Janice does wonderful work!  She took an existing volunteer created and maintained website and quickly revamped into an intuitive site with a clear, consistent voice that reflects our user community. Janice is technically savvy and easy to work with. I recommend her highly!"
L. Baird, Co-Vice President, Shelton PTSA


High Standards
“All work was delivered on time, and at a standard higher than what was paid for. Excellent contractor - will definitely consider hiring again!”
Edward Stevenson, private client, UK


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